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The strength of our 200-strong
team? We’re all different.
Which means we can make
a difference. Challenging and
being challenged. Supporting
and being supported. Building
best-in-class wireless technologies
for next generation smartphone
and tablet platforms. Together.

Making a difference
and making it
happen, together

About Us
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Share in the spirit
that is Samsung

The spirit of Samsung is one of people. Yes, as a business, we develop ground-breaking core silicon and software technology, using the most efficient and flexible architectures, utilising remarkably advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. Ultimately, however, we’re all about YOU. YOUR hopes, dreams and ambitions.



Be valued for who you are, as well as what you create

Enjoy the rewards and recognition you deserve. Relax and deliver in a professional environment that understands your need to play as well as work, to think as well as do …

Be a valued
voice in a
world-class team



How to Apply

We believe in hiring the people and personalities who have the passion and talent to succeed here at Samsung. That starts with an inclusive applicaton process designed to test your indvidual strengths and assess if you’ll enjoy being part of our team. Importantly, it gives you the opportunity to gauge if we’re the right organisation and culture for you, too. Find out more about each stage of your application process below…

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To apply for a job online and to complete online job applications, you’ll need an email address, contact telephone numbers, an up-to-date CV and a cover letter to complete the application.

Telephone Interview

If successful, you will be invited to complete a telephone interview. This will consist of competency based questions. You will not see these questions in advance – just like in a face to face interview. This interview gives us the opportunity to find out more about what motivates you, how you work and react to different situations, giving us a chance to get to know you. 

Coding Test

If you’re applying for a technical role you may be asked to complete an online Coding Test. Dependent on the role you’re applying for the test will focus on the programming language required for the job. This will be sent to you via email from the recruitment team and you’ll have a week to complete this.

Face to Face Interview

In the face-to-face interviews we will ask you to tell us about specific occasions when you have demonstrated a particular skill. Know your strengths and be prepared to give examples of when you have demonstrated relevant skills. Focus on your role in these situations and the outcomes. 

Second Interview

At your second interview, you’ll meet with our Senior HR Manager and our VP. We’re a tight-knit team and it’s an opportunity for our leadership team to get to know you better.

Job Offer

If you’ve been successful, you’ll receive a call from us within two weeks of your interview. We’ll follow this up with official paperwork, agree your start date and get ready for you to join the team!